Grand Rapids relocation | What makes a great Broker in Real Estate
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What makes a great Broker in Real Estate

What makes a great Broker in Real Estate

In Michigan to become a Broker you have to take 90 hours of approved con-ed – pass a test have 3 years of full time experience and keep up with legal con-ed. Requirements here.

So this is what the state says you have to do – to become a Broker. I argue this as in my opinion so much more is needed to become a great Broker.

A Broker is not just someone who knows the law or can pass a test, a GREAT broker is someone who cares about their people, showing encouragement, support and always remaining with a positive attitude when times are difficult.  Someone who will stand up and fight for you when you need it. Someone who out of the blue calls you and say GREAT JOB this month, puts their agents before themselves.  Someone agents can respect and admire.

In my life time of a Realtor, I have had the honor to serve under two great brokers.  Jon Jackson, was a great broker, he was well educated, he knew the law and the business. He supported me when I needed it.  When I was green he never made me feel irrelevant. He gave me the same respect of all the other agents making way more money than me. He was very active in the Real Estate community and volunteered on many committees and served on the board at our association. I learned much of what I know today from him and will never forget.

I now work at a local Brokerage. Jake Heguld is owner/broker at JH Realty Partners. He changed the name a while ago – and he means it when he says “partners” this is not just a name but the way he treats each and everyone one of us under his umbrella. He gives much encouragement – if you are busy and he has not seen you in a week he calls you to see what’s up and asks what do you need from me. He is ready to answer any questions you may have. My needs have changed.  What I needed forma Broker when I was green, is not what need now after after 15 years in the business.  I have always said I do not need a pat on the back as I am a self motivator, but I have to tell you getting a pat on the back feels REALLY good! Jake is well educated, stays up to date with current issues, willing to listen to ideas outside the box and willing to sit with you anytime to work out a plan. He has his own book of business, but with no ego attached. He wants everyone to succeed. He has never said I am too busy with a sale to help you.

Jake is someone to respect and admire – when I tell people I work for JH Realty Partners, they always respond with – oh great choice I love Jake. Your broker’s reputation is very important to your business. Jake always chooses the side or ethics and truly believes a great reputation is more important than a Real Estate deal. He does not overshadow his agents, he pulls them to the front. This is a rare quality.

Today, I count my blessings and thankful for my career and the people and these 2 GREAT brokers!


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