Grand Rapids relocation | What is a Team or Group in Real Estate
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What is a Team or Group in Real Estate

There seems to be a lot of discussion about Real Estate teams or groups.  I believe they all run differently however probably created for the same reason.

Better customer service – time management for a Realtor who has a larger book of business

For me it came organically.  As I started my team way before it was popular. In 2008 I started The Gordon Group GR.  I will be honest, I started it because I got fired. A buyer told me he thought I was extremely knowledgable and thought I was his best resource, however felt I did not have enough time for him. Instead of pouting or getting defensive I looked within and deiced if I am to grow I will need a full time admin and a buyer’s agent. Fast forward, I called the client to thank him for his honesty, told him what i had done to correct the issue.  He had still not found a home and started working with me again and we successfully found him a home.

Love a happy ending!

Most teams are listing heavy, we are buyer heavy, built my business helping buyers find that perfect home and still love when that home buyer walks into the perfect home and lights up! It’s the greatest feeling in the world. However after being in business for 15 years – many of our buyers have moved on to the 2nd or 3rd stage of their life and need to sell and buy again.  So our listing inventory has increased from the good ol days! 🙂  However most home owners needing to sell need to buy – so nearly every client is a buyer in one way or another and yiur next step is very important to the process.

Referrals started to pour in, and learning from past experiences, I have grown the team as the needs from my clients increase. Wanting to supply a custom concierge service may mean employ more people however, communication and excellent customer service is number one to me and my team.

Having a team with full time administrative person and a full time marketing person allows the agents who work for me have a personal life – whether if be a large family or community involvement or both, they have time to do this as they always have a backup for our client.

Happy life = happy agent = happy client

We take the word “team” seriously and help each other as needed – which in returns help our clients.

I am especially happy with our team right now, as we are a fast moving home buyer market and we need to jump with that perfect home hits the market – our client does not have to wait to see it, as we have a team of people who can help.

Now that my daughter is full time our listing clients also get 2 agents for every listing – allows us to meet the personal requests of the listing client.

While helping our clients in the buying or selling process we feel they are part of the team as well. We advise with best practices but in the end we work for you and your part of the team so this means we work together to get the job done.   As nobody has the same needs and wants other than selling the home for top dollar and buying a home for the best price possible and making sure they get that opportunity. Everyone situation is different, so customizing our services is essential. And being able to serve you 7 days a week is a bonus!

Having a team allows us to do this.

Now that you understand how and why – how can we help you? What questions do you have?  We are here to serve!

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