Grand Rapids relocation | What I have learned about referrals
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What I have learned about referrals

My business is very much referral based.  We are relationship builders and like to be the source of all information needed.  We may not know the answer, however will know someone that does. In my business this is very important.

A referral is the strongest lead I or you can get – Higher Quality Clients. you get higher quality clients just from being “referral based.” Referred clients usually don’t even ask about the price. They are more concerned about quality than price.

  1. People Trust Referrals. Wouldn’t you agree that referrals already have a level of trust for you? Sure they do. They trust you because the person they trust knows you.
  2. Reduces Competition. Relationships are hard to duplicate.
  3. Small time investment
  4. Reach people you may have never reached otherwise

Have you been saying to yourself – I need to get out more and meet people or I wish I was a better networker? Or better yet – there are 10 other people in my industry at this event. BNI takes all of this concern away.

Please join us Tuesday 7/19 for happy hour and meet the current members of the BNI in Ada and see why we are already passing referrals – this group as energy and passion for growing YOUR business!

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