Grand Rapids relocation | What does Luxury mean to home buyers?
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What does Luxury mean to home buyers?

What does Luxury mean to home buyers?


The other day I asked the question, informal poll on my personal FB page and asked my friends – When you think Luxury what do you think of other than price.


The answers may surprise you.  


The most common replies were


  1. Not about the size of the home
  2. It’s more of a feeling you get when you enter the home
  3. The 3 most popular rooms were
    1. Kitchen – wanted a big cooking kitchen
    2. Bathroom – regardless of the current articles people still want to soak in a  bathtub
    3. Master bedroom – I believe “dreamy” was a word used more than once
  4. Location – Many suggest on a body of water
  5. Indoor Amenities
    1. Marble seems to be making a comeback
    2. Creative uses for building materials ( such as tiles that make a design)
    3. Fireplace
    4. Home Theater seems to be making a comeback or entertaining area
    5. Natural products
    6. High ceilings
  6. Outdoor amenities
    1. Grand entryway
    2. Pool
    3. Entertaining area – cooking area
    4. Acreage


I find it interesting many said the feeling you get when you enter the home. However, I can understand this concept as my husband and I always pride ourselves on making our home renovations about the gathering of family and friends. Making our house a home. The material used in the home helps create this feeling. Quality construction was mentioned several times.


I also find it interesting nobody thought about the smart home – the use of LED lighting and the mechanics of the home.  I find this very underestimated by the consumer. High end HVAC could make the home “feel” great and add to the feeling you get you just don’t see it, but you very well feel it!

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