Grand Rapids relocation | Things to think about when buying a Grand Rapids DownTown Condo
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Things to think about when buying a Grand Rapids DownTown Condo

Things to think about when buying a Grand Rapids DownTown Condo

You may have not thought of these

  • Dryer hook up
  • View
  • Services
  • Which way does the sun set and rise
  • What windows are outside your windows
  • How old is the elevator
  • Research the property manager

My husband and I own a downtown condo in Grand Rapids.  We are both from big cities and although we love our home just outside Ada, Michigan as we refer to the “country house”. we still so very much love city living.

Having lived many places, we still find Grand Rapids one of the best cities to live. My husband and I soul searched and thought about having a 2nd home in a warmer state. Then came back around to having a 2nd home just 15 minutes away.  

Some of you may think this is crazy, however downtown Grand Rapids is very active with many events, it’s great to be able to attend them take a little break at the condo and go back out.  Or to attend the many food, wine and beer events and not have to worry about driving home or getting a uber. (however I am a huge uber fan and they do an awesome job here)

Now with all the new development downtown there are many options for condo living. If you are like us or want your primary home to be a condo downtown here are a few things to consider that you may not thought of.

When we bought our condo, the washer and dryer was not included in the purchase.  So we went shopping, it never dawned on us the exhaust for the dryer would be different than the norm. We had to get an adapter to make our new dryer work.

Some of the condo’s offer services such as dry cleaning pick up, special food deliveries from restaurants.

If buying a condo in a high rise – and your view is not blocked from buildings you may want to consider which way the sun rises and sets.

Location, location location well we know the location is downtown, but when you look out the windows what do you see – are you looking in at your neighbor’s condo?  If so they are looking in yours!

A big one – how old is the elevator, ask to see a maintenance report and learn about all if any repairs that have been made. If you are going to live on the 12th floor this may be very important information to know – or you may get an unscheduled work out!

Finally, research your property manager, conduct this search as if you were hiring someone. Get to know them – find out who else they manage and ask those people if they are happy with their service. It could make the difference between happy condo living to unhappy condo living.

If searching for a downtown condo in Grand Rapids – I have created a link from the local MLS that will be updated with all new listings for downtown condo’s. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me I would love to show off our beautiful city to you!

Search for some Downtown Condos here!

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