Grand Rapids relocation | Stop making these staging mistakes
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Stop making these staging mistakes

Staging and preparing for a home sale – Common Mistakes

It seems in my area, that investing or flipping a home is on the rise, again. Not sure if its threat of increase of mortgage rates, or the threat of the good deal is going away.  Maybe because our economy in West Michigan has just gotten that much better that investors are willing to invest again.

If you are an investor or a homeowner getting ready to list a home – stop making these staging mistakes, as buyers can see right through them.

The new counter top on very old kitchen cabinets. This is probably my biggest pet peeve. We can still tell the kitchen cabinets need to be replaced and honestly the new counter top just makes those old kitchen cabinets stand out even more. If your cabinets are in good shape physically but just need a lift this product could help Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations.  However, if you cabinets are more than worn out and beaten up then consider a face lift.

However we do need to address the old counter tops – there are several great reviews online for this product – Rust-Oleum Counter top Transformations.

Both of these products seem to be affordable and great for the DIY person. Although I have not used them myself, they have great reviews online.

So you say your walls are in excellent shape,  so why paint?  Answer: because the colors can make your home appear out dated. Here is a list of colors that I see in my area, that are for sure outdated and repainting to current colors would be essential to the home staging process. The big one – bright lemon yellow – this was a great color for the 90’s and early 2000’s now considered outdated. The dark red on one wall, although I love having one wall painted a different color to show off the lines of the home, burgundy and red are now out! Powder blue – we were once told blue in bedrooms will make us sleep better – so we see a lot of the powder blue walls in bedrooms, yes I agree a snoozer!

You can go to many websites and see what color is popular and what the trend is – however I find it best to go to the local paint store and see what they are selling the most of. As I find color trends can be very area specific.  When looking at homes, you may notice that several homes have the same flooring or carpet or tile as several others in the area.  This is called an area trend. Most people are looking for something they have seen and liked.

Not always listing your home with the updates needed as a consideration in the list price works.  As home buyers will view it as work and an expense. encouraging even a lower offer than what you have it listed at.  If the home seems “okay for now” you have a better shot at getting the offer you are looking for. So doing some of these things can make the buyer say that I can live with this.

Do not go it alone – call a Realtor!  Honestly,  if the Realtor is active with buyers they will know what they are thinking.  I feel a great listing agent is one that works with buyers as well. They hear the honest feedback from buyers when showing them around and understand their concerns and what makes them tick. As a list agent we do not always get honest feedback or complete feed back as why their clients did not put an offer on a home. That’s why you want to consult with an agent that also works with buyers.

The Gordon Group GR has dedicated buyers agents and review once a week, what our buyers are saying.  We know what they are looking for, what the newest trend is.

We would love to help you get ready for the spring market!

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