Grand Rapids relocation | Smooches Beauty Boutique
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Smooches Beauty Boutique

After you have done all you’re shopping at all the great stores in Gas Light Village, East Grand Rapids Michigan, you can come to smooches (we locals just call it smooches) and get pampered. There is much more to this to this store then I realized. (One of the benefits of me doing these posts……….I am able to find out things I did not even know and I live and shop here!)

Mia who owns the store lives in EGR and wanted to create a beauty encounter for mom’s………mom’s-to-be and on-the-go working woman…………..many times we are all of this wrapped in one, over worked body!

Therefore the staff spoils the clients who come into Smooches by offer an array of services to make you feel pretty, like you used to feel B.K. (my husbands and my term, before kids).

They can assist you in creating a make up routine that will only take you minutes in the morning before you head out the door to conquer the day, or give you tips on how to do it up right for the evening. I found her brand of cosmetics to exciting. I buy at smooches. I thought you could only buy this from the TV commercial. So it is real treat to be able to go to a local store and buy this wonderful make up.

They also have this very unique perfume line called bond no 9. Each fragrance in the collection represents a specific downtown, midtown or uptown locale in NYC. The bottles the perfume is packaged in are like pieces of art…….you almost want to sit the bottles out on display!

They have many services such as facial, pedicures, manicures, wax, and make up application.

Okay, maybe you just want to spend the day here…and go nowhere else but out on the town after you get your beauty make over! SMOOCHES EVERYONE!

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