Grand Rapids relocation | Old world features in New Construction
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Old world features in New Construction

Old world features in New Construction

I was showing an older home to a young couple the other day and they saw the laundry chute and did not know what this feature was – it was very cool to tell them about features of an older home.  It made me think would it not be cool to bring back some of these features into new construction as an option package. I know it would raise the cost of the new construction however if building a custom home,  some of these features could bring back nostalgia for many. if downsizing it may not only bring back memories of the home you raised your kids in they could be space savers.

Here are some amenities I think would work for today’s living, brought back from old world homes.

Laundry Chute – yes new construction many times are adding laundry room upstairs near the bedrooms – but would you opt for a larger master suite or homework space for the kids if you could add this feature? This coupled with the dumb waiter may be a cool thing to have.

Dumb Waiter – I can see this being used in so many cases – laundry haul – also for those homes that have 2 kitchens which is very common now.

Whole House fan – In Michigan, many forgo the central air – this would be a great feature to have to save on monthly utilities

Pocket doors – My husband and I added this feature to our renovations – best used between bedroom and bathroom – doors just get in the way I say.

Boilers with decorative radiators – I love boilers and love the look of some of these decorative boilers like pieces of art in the home.

Cubby spaces – no more square walls rooms – let’s add some interest or hidden door ways!

Attics that you can stand up in – The artist Studio with skylights – Kids get away playroom – office space – making the attic functional once again.

Transom Windows – not only are these just pretty they serve a purpose.

Vestibule Entry – Protect your home from outside weather – large enough to receive guest with your closets for coats in this space – maybe some boot warmers or bench seating?

Portico – Do you entertain a lot? Drop off station for your guest then park – we have “weather” in Michigan you know!

Can you think of any others?  

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