Grand Rapids relocation | Networking – Begin at the office
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Networking – Begin at the office

Networking – Begin at the office!


So I am managing the FB page for my husbands building in Grandville, Michigan. Our offices are unique – some smaller offices can be rented for the one man show or perfect for a start up. Which allows for many small business in one place.

While searching for articles on advice for small business I searched for an article about networking within your office building – (with other tenants).

Much to my surprise I could not find one article about this. Which leads me to believe we are missing an opportunity here.

I think many times we can make networking harder than it is – just getting to know the people around you and telling them how to refer you is very easy.

I have found articles about teaching your employees how to network the company they work for, pulling from their sphere (it is posted on our FB site) – I just could not find one about networking with in the office building it self.

So I am going to suggest some tips for getting this started in your office building –


  1. Ask the Landlord for list of tenants and their contact info
  2. Set up a private FB page and invite others in the office building to connect
  3. Host the 1st after hours or lunch time get together
  4. Ask others to pick a month they would like to host
  5. Be supportive of their business and in return they will be supportive of your business
  6. Do not be shy of a competitor – as you can still refer to each other when you do not have a product that will help someone
  7. The get togethers can be on site or off site – however, sometimes getting to know each other in a neutral relaxed setting can lead to open conversation


You could even host a lunch and learn that all of you can benefit from

  1. Each business do a lunch and learn about what they do.
  2. Bring in outside sources to teach subjects such as social media, accounting  ETC…

The host of the meeting can provide the food or goodies or just brown bag it

It is just that simple – it takes time to reap the benefits – so be patient and do not give up.

Happy networking!

P.S. If you choose to take this on and be the organizer you will be the go-to person for the buiding – a very powerful thing I might add!

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