Grand Rapids relocation | Kite flying and Polar Bear Club swim on Reeds Lake!
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Kite flying and Polar Bear Club swim on Reeds Lake!

What a blast this was. Yesterday (Saturday the 16th) I went into gas light village to take some more photos’s of the area, and was thinking WOW it is so busy here. I was happy to see people shopping at the locally owned stores, restaurants were full of people. It was a sunny day, but still very cold, but it felt like spring time with all the activity!

Then I drove by the lake…………that explained it, they were flying kites and taking a dip in Reeds Lake.

Yes, we use our Lake all year long. I walked out on the lake and took some shots. It was the weirdest feeling (walking on the lake).

 All ages were out there flying their Kite; it was quite the site to see. When you go to these activities in East it reminds you how much community spirit we have and how family oriented EGR is. It was nice to see the kids having fun with their parents and neighbors talking to each other, as we tend to become hibernating bears in the winter.

The polar bear club was in the portable hot tub when I got there. I missed the swim. Our public safety people were there to make sure nobody drowned! They had cut a huge hole in the lake and put a ladder in the water and in they went! BRRRRRRRR They said the water felt warmer then the temps outside! Kudos’s to them! They appeared to be having a blast in the hot tub!

The next event on Reeds Lake is on March 1st……………called Ice-T, yes we are playing golf on the frozen lake.; If you would like to join this event call Rose’s on Reeds Lake for a T time.

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