Grand Rapids relocation | Jude’s barber shop
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Jude’s barber shop

Okay, this is got to be the most fun and relaxing place to go when getting your hair cut. This place in not just for guy’s…….they all have their cosmetology licenses and cater to men and woman.

When I went in to Jude’s on Saturday morning to get pictures, the place was booming! People were talking and laughing, what a relaxed atmosphere it was.

Their Mission statement: To provide the highest in customer service while blah, blah, blah… Let’s be honest, our real mission is to leave some beer in the fridge for when the customers come in. Consider yourself lucky if you’re sipping on one right now. Who really cares about a mission statement anyways? Sit back, relax, catch up on some sports, and let us do our thing. You’ll leave happy and we can get back to our beer drinking.

When I read this I laughed out loud and then wanted to make an appointment. However they are on hold with beer serving till they get it approved from the city officials. (Come on guys let their be beer!)

They do have a complementary beer policy and handle this in a responsible way,

The “Jude’s hair cut” is the service that is most requested. This includes:

Relaxing scalp massage

Warm towel on you face

Barber massages shoulders

Precession hair cut

Straight razor clean up (free straight razor clean up between cuts)

The story if Jude is pretty funny too.The story of Jude –

Jude is a home grown Michigander born and raised in Michigan. The family and staff have a great sense of humor and they all seem to love where they work and what they do. My definition of success!

Here’s to you Jude…………..CHEERS!

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