Grand Rapids relocation | Idea’s for sellers – updates to a home that rock!
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Idea’s for sellers – updates to a home that rock!

When selling your home you are not only competing with your neighbors home, you are competing with new construction.

As we show homes to our home seekers new construction is very much part of the mix.  Many times the new construction feels like a better deal to the buyer due to all the upgrades to the home. It may even have less finished square footage!  The buyer still wants that pristine clean updated look.

These are just a few idea’s we have that make sense! The Gordon Group works with many buyers, therefore we know what they are thinking, wanting and their concerns. This makes us a very strong listing agent. If you are thinking of listing in the spring, contact us now so we can be part of the preparation, we do not want you to spend unnecessary money on renovations or over-improvement – we just want to raise your desirability value with spending the least amount of money possible. 

So what can you do to make your home feel like a new home, other than the normal de cluttering – making the home spotless? Here are some idea’s that will help you compete in the new home market.

Doors – you may not think this is a big deal, but it is the first thing a buyer touches and sees  when they enter your home – the exterior door rarely looks good repainted – it always looks repainted.  Buying a new front door can give the feeling of quality from the get-go 

Add a front door with windows allows natural light to enter the home – making a home that may seem a bit dark – much brighter – here are some samples from – what I like about this website it will tell you what their top sellers are – so you know what is selling and popular – remember its not about you anymore its renovating for the masses because you want to sell your home


Colored kitchen cabinets

Move over, white cabinets. We’ve seen enough of you! You’re not practical. The era of plain is over, and color is coming back into style. As we’re spending more and more time at home, we’re realizing that it’s okay to add more personal style choices into our home design. If you love purple, paint those cabinets purple. I am so thankful as I was recently saying I can not tell a million dollar home from a half million dollar home when it comes to interior finishes! 


Converting spare room into an office

Yeah DUH! , we thought we’d all be working back in-person in 2021 and then Omicron came along. If you’re working in an office, it’s safe to assume that you’ll need an office space at home in the coming years in case any other variants pop up and you need to transition to working from home.

Gas appliances VS Electric appliances – this of course is in the eyes of the beholder which they prefer – however we can tell you we have never had someone ask to switch it over to electric but many times have negotiated the switch to gas. Grand Rapids MI is known for their foodies, and many love to cook, if you are updating your appliances we recommend gas appliances. 

If your cabinetry is old – do not make it look older by adding new counter tops – this is much too much of a contrast. If you can not afford a kitchen update – consider painting the cabinets, adding new hardware and getting some very nice Formica – it will make the kitchen look fresh and clean and most importantly livable and tolerable till the new home buyer can renovate. 

Bathrooms – remove all rust stains and if the plumbing is old and showing it wear consider replacing them. Peeling finishes just makes the home look and feel old. If renovating the larger the better for the primary space. 

Bright wallpaper statements

If you’re still spicing up your Zoom calls with a virtual beach background, you need to get with the times. It’s time to create something more permanent. 

Lots of homeowners are experimenting with bold wallpaper statements across their home that reflect a more colorful style. No longer is wallpaper seen as tacky or old-fashioned – it’s making a comeback. Who would have thought.  My husband and I have had our best arguments over hanging wallpaper LOL 

Carpeting – many ask me carpet or hardwood, I can tell you it’s 50/50 in our world – Hard wood looks beautiful, however some people with some children prefer the carpet, they may like the look of hardwood better, but want to have a soft surface for their young kids. If you are ripping up the carpet and replacing it – be sure to take pictures of the wood floors that are underneath the carpet so you can advertise what is there, for the home buyer that really wants the hardwood floors. We like the look of hardwood throughout the home other than the bedrooms – carpet in the bedrooms seems to be a big hit. 


One other thing – we are going to go against all advice about removing personal pictures and say have them up, but with a purpose.  If you have a great entertaining home – fill those frames of some great parties in the home – using the pool, the deck,  the large yard…whatever it is you want to highlight that is great about living in your home. This is the one thing you can give to home buyer to make them have the warm fuzzies about the home that a new construction can not give. Show the love! 


Outdoor pergolas

Fire pit nights, neighbor hangouts, barbecues and more…the backyard is no longer just a patch of grass, it’s a space to utilize on a daily basis! Now that outdoor heaters exist, they can be a great hangout spot year-round.

The centerpiece of your outdoor space is the pergola. It’s a great piece to hang lights, shade guests from the sun, and add some visual appeal to your seating area. With the price of gas right now entertaining in your backyard souls pretty darn good! 


Sustainable design

Whether that is solar-powered lights, refurbishing old furniture instead of buying new pieces, or building garden spaces, people are going to find ways to be more Eco-friendly in their home

This year homeowners will also be considering smart home features and technology more than ever before. From Tesla charging stations to Eco-flushing toilets, there are so many different options that may cost more upfront but can save money in the long run.


Want more ideas – call us! We are eager to help!

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