Grand Rapids relocation | 6 months at a Boutique Brokerage and all is well
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6 months at a Boutique Brokerage and all is well

After working for a large national Brokerage for 14 years, I must admit the move was scary for me. It was all I knew. I had planned and prepared for the worse case scenario as the result of my move.

I have always been taught it’s not the brokerage brand but the person who our clients go to. My move is proof this is a true statement.

Local first has always been my passion, where my heart sets and holds steady. So I am thrilled that with my move not only can I fulfill this passion, but at the same time still give all the same services and customer care I always have and not miss a beat.

I like when my Broker says “rubber to the road” as this is how we work at our small brokerage – we just keep working and doing what we do, but no outside pressure for other things – this has really released me to do what I love, help my clients find a home for the next stage in their life.

What i have learned

  • Sometimes less is more
  • Do not sweat the small things
  • Keeping focus on why you do what you do is very important
  • Sometimes going back to basics takes you 3 steps forward
  • Making time to enjoy life makes you better at your professional life
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